Mikawa High School in association with Aichi Sangyo University
1.Our Founding Spirit

To foster and develop human ingenuity that hasarich and diverse intellect.
As well as to have asincere caring for others that would lead to a more compassionate world.

2.Our Schoo1 Motto Appreciation


3.Greeting from Principal

Under the founding spirit of our school, we embrace three educational objectives:
(A) To realize our students educational goals
(B) To encourage the acquisition of certified qualifications
(C)To encourage and to excel in extracurricular activities

Recently, the quality of education has become more important than the amount of time in which they study. Although three years of secondary education is short, l believe the quality of high school life is more important than that of compulsory education. This is due to the reality of today’s long life expectancy and aging society. An alumni student once told me, “The curriculum was such that it fit my individual level of understanding and with the motivation and encouragement of my teachers, I was able to realize success and achievement.” This message encourages us, as educators, to be deeply committed to the ideals of education. Our high school supports each student’s goal in life and instructs them educationally and inspirationally.

4.Educational Ideals

As the spirit of our foundation, we hold up the educational idea that we develop human resources who have rich intellect,astrong moral compass, and can contribute to society. We are aiming at developing the youth to develop support in Japan for the 21st century.

5.Introduction of Academic Courses

A) General Course
Our aim is to achieve the highest level of secondary education. We are continuously carrying out bold reforms to improve our educational system. Within this high quality of educational environment, we help students to realize their dreams.

B) Electrical Engineering Course
We assist students in acquiring certified qualifications such as the Electrical Worker and Licensed Electrician which are advantageous to job hunting and entrance exams to various universities and trade schools. We take pride in the high level of success that we have achieved within Japan. We aim to train and send industry-ready workers into various kinds of electrical engineering fields.
Students learn from Ohm’s law to basic knowledge concerning electric power generation, and through practical trainings, the way of controlling electric dynamos and motors. Students also learn computer control programs.

C) Computer Science Course
The aim of this course is to promote specialists who can be actively at the forefront of the IT society. Our school offers a wide range of classes for acquisition of qualifications that are needed in the information age; such as information Processing Test, Bookkeeping Test, Business Document Proficiency Test, and Secretarial Skills Test. Generally speaking, when our students graduate they will have acquired more than 10 qualifications. In addition, a select number of students will take the Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination and the Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination.

The high level of success attached with these examination is a source of pride at our school and admiration throughout Aichi Prefecture.

6.Extracurricular Activity

There are a number of athletic clubs where students have found particular success in prefectural, national, and international competition.
ln addition to the variety of athletic teams, the number of cultural clubs, such as the Media Broadcasting Club and the Art Club are also well represented.
Our students encourage each other and challenge their own goals. We believe that the bond of competition will help mold their mind and body that will be with them for the rest of their lives.